Do you want to put some machine into operation and you are vainly looking for czech instructions in the manual? Are holding a paper described and still do not understand a single word? Do you need to send documents to your foreign partners or friends and you know they will not cope with the Czech language?


Two-way translation

We offer two-way translation in the language combinations:

  • German – Czech
  • Russian – Czech
  • English – Czech

Translations in the fields

We offer translations in the following fields:

  • technology and engineering – translations of manuals, catalogues, technical documents, etc.
  • trade – translations of commercial documents, business letters, contracts, etc.
  • advertising and marketing – translations of brochures, offering sheets, catalogues, websites, etc.
  • general – translations of letters, various documents, annotations, reviews, articles etc.

When translating large databases, manuals and catalogues we use translation tools TRADOS, that ensure uniform terminology and form and also bring significant cost savings for the translation.

Expertise translation is based on 17 years of experience in business and mechanical engineering and marketing.

Price of translation

Basic rates for translation 1 SP (1800 characters incl. spaces):

  • from Czech into German, Russian or English – 400 Kč (18 EUR)
  • from German, Russian or English into Czech – 360 Kč (15 EUR)
  • graphic design or textual edit (1 page) – 250 Kč (10 EUR)

At the conclusion of a framework contract for translation at a higher volume of translations or in long-term cooperation we provides for each customer an individual price agreement.

Translation terms

Dates of working up translations:

  • common term – 7–10 working days
  • express term (15 % surcharge) – 2–4 working days
  • express term (30 % surcharge) – 24 hours